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About Chase Park

Chase Park is a beautifully planned community in Bacliff Texas, located in Galveston County, adjacent to beautiful Galveston bay. Chase Park is home to 442 families and is equipped with a playground that includes a paved sidewalk around the perimeter (5 1/4 laps equal one mile), a swimming pool, basketball court and of course nearby Galveston bay for all sorts of outdoor fun.

About the Association

The Chase Park Homeowners Association is a Texas Corporation whose purpose is to manage the facilities, activities and business of the community for the current and long term benefit of all homeowners. A full description of the purpose and authority of the Chase Park H.O.A. is contained in the Association's By Laws (found on this website). All property owners in Chase Park are automatically members of the Homeowners Association.


The affairs of the Association are managed by a 3-member Board of Directors who volunteer their time for the benefit of the community. The day to day operations and management of community business are performed by a professional association management company, Beacon Residential Management, LLC, at the direction of the Board of Directors (contact information listed below). Board meetings are held on a quarterly basis at the Bacliff Volunteer Fire Company, 600 Grand Ave Bacliff TX 77518 at 7 pm. 

Beacon Residential Management, LLC

12818 Willow Centre Ste B
Houston, TX 77066
(713) 466-1204


Maintenance Fees

The Association collects an assessment in advance from each lot owner. Assessments are used to provide various municipal services to the community. This assessment is payable annually on January 1.

Deed Restrictions

All properties in Chase Park are bound by "Deed Restrictions" which have the purpose of maintaining the quality of the neighborhood. Downloadable copies and amendments are available on this website.

Architectural Control Committee

All external improvements or modifications to your house, such as the installation of a pool, a patio cover, a fence, or painting the exterior of your house, must be approved in advance by the Architectural Control Committee (the "ACC"). This is done to ensure quality improvements which will not detract from the value of your home or the neighborhood. The ACC has up to 30 days to evaluate home improvements, so please submit your plans for any improvements well in advance of your starting date. A downloadable ACC Submission form is posted elsewhere on this website.